How does it work ?

1. Real time gathering of data
Kipers Observation

After analyzing your activity, we install data acquisition module on your critical equipments.

We follow and process in real time, vibrations, temperatures, acoustic waves or any relevant signal.

2. Data analysis by our customized algorithms

Our algorithms analyze the data to generate indicators for your own decision-making process. These indicators are adjusted to provide prognostics compatible with your pace of activity.

Based on a continuous learning, their performance and accuracy increase with time.

3. Predictive decision support system
Kipers Prognostics

Real time display of state of health indicators and prognostics of remaining useful life of your equipments.

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Perform your maintenance at the very best time.

Knowing the remaining useful life of your equipment, you are able to anticipate your maintenance actions before they become emergencies.

A real decision support system

Kipers Prognostics

A permanent access to useful information on your equipment including their state of health and remaining useful life.

Overall view

All the state of health and remaining useful life prognostics are clearly visible.


The system warns you and recommend the interventions to address in priority.

Customized indicators

All the information is design to meet your needs and centralized.

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